Find My Pet

Help a pet to find a home

  • Adopt a new pet
  • Find lost pets
  • Return found pets
  • Help shelters and your friends
  • Mobile App

    A lot of convenience and mobility to help you find pets that are lost or for adoption.

  • Geo Location

    Get the most relevant and accurate information based on your current location.

  • Social Sharing

    Help the community by sharing information about pets near you through major social networks.

  • Responsibility

    We are engaged in helping institutions to decrease euthanasia rates of lost animals.

Tony Celestino has a background in business administration and an MBA in Marketing from FGV. With experience in the retail market, has worked for companies in Brazil and the USA. He founded the Best Apps iOS development company with over 10 apps published. Sometime ago and with a few pounds less he was adept of Tae Kwon Do, trails and bike rallies, wakeboarding and other extreme sports. Today he prefers to venture into a good steakhouse!
Rafael Gaia has a graduate degree in software engineering from PUC-SP and iOS developer by the institute iAi. Rafael has worked with software firms in São Paulo where he acquired extensive experience in the digital market. He decided to return to his hometown to found Roga Labs, mobile development company in Alagoas. Only programmer in the world who is not addicted to caffeine and energy. In his spare time enjoys playing backgammon with his grandfather.
Rodrigo Rossiter holds a degree in advertising and is a designer by passion. He had experience working in large companies such as OAS Engineering, but his passion has always been advertising and design. So he founded his own advertising agency before deciding to devote himself to the digital world and become co-founder of Roga Labs. Addicted to buy junk stuff, every week he buys something new to decorate the office.